Why Choose Us

EXOTIKAMPO S.C. OF R.L. DE C.V. Is a company Provide consumers with organic food with exceptional quality, unifying innovation, effort and professionalism, which contribute to the generational commitment that consolidates us as a growing Mexican company.

To be a consolidated and recognized company in the supplying, marketing and distribution of organic products with the strictest quality standards, for the satisfaction of consumers.

We are a team looking for effective, clear and honest communication, together we develop and grow.
We offer our suppliers and customers clarity in the information, from the harvest of the fruit, to our final product, observing the possible improvements.
We are part of the family, fulfilling our work, taking care of our people, society and environment.
We seek the development of our processes by updating our facilities with technology, creating a competitive advantage.
We provide satisfaction to our customers, offering first-class, fresh and safe products meeting the expectations of the consumer.
We propel our people to seek and develop their purpose within the organization, forming people of values, attached to our objectives.

The importance of certification

The Quality Certificate certifies that a company complies with current regulations in the development or execution of a product or service. It is a hallmark of guarantee and security to its customers and prestige in the market.